Monday, January 9, 2012

new orchid

Yet another orchid has bloomed in the greenhouse. From one direction it could almost be a bird.

Or not.


  1. Flowers in the middle of winter. Endless fascination. This is not the only reason I'm enjoying the second job, though (and the real birds, too.)

  2. Gorgeous. Cousin Leah's husband gave me an orchid plant that he started from seed. So far, it's still alive, but the bottom leaves are turning brown. (I warned him...!!!)

  3. BL, it made me laugh to go from your comment almost straight to the agricultural extension agent's column in the weekly newspaper: orchids as houseplants! He said all the usual things about light and water, but he didn't mention temperature, which I believe is the cause of my last-year's gift-orchid's rapid demise. The house varies from lows of 50F at night to highs of 70F when the stove's going well and the sun's shining, and I don't think it could take it.