Monday, January 16, 2012

the little birds

In addition to the macaws and amazon parrot that live at my second job, there are several small birds who don't interest me as much. They are pretty, though.

This fellow is rather shy, but the camera interested him.

These two posed in perfect imitation of their leaf-substitute.

Here, the lovebirds, the only ones I know the species of, were strangely hard to get into a single shot.


  1. With this cold snap we're having, my bird-feeders are extremely popular... and populated! I have chickadees, common redpolls, pine grosbeaks, downy and hairy woodpeckers, and the occasional blue jay. It's very busy in my yard!

  2. The only time I can get birds to the feeder is when there's snow (or ice!) covering the ground, and in late spring when there are many baby mouths to feed. Otherwise, they're too afraid of the hawks. The hawks have learned to perch on my roof, which is noisy as well as disconcerting when they launch themselves off the eaves.

    This is a great site that will let you identify the birds. Very pretty birds. I think the top is a cockatiel and I too recognize the love birds.