Sunday, February 14, 2010

overconfidence for the FAIL

The car hadn't been driven in over a week. The Jeep had been getting up the hill without the slightest problem, and it was above freezing today. (Well, one degree above.) So I took the car to town for its exercise, not having any trouble on the way out of the drive.


(Phone cam, so no enlargement.) It's really not as steep as it looks from there--

but it was too steep. After I'd walked the groceries back to the house and had lunch, I went out with a shovel to break up the ice in front of the car and see what happened, and the answer was Nothing. There it stays until there's some more effective thawing. 

I tried going up my neighbor's driveway, which until I tried it I thought was less steep. That's how I'll have to take the Jeep out, I suppose. O the embarrassment, all die!


  1. Can you back it down the hill and take a run at it? Is it a rear-wheel or front wheel drive? Throw some ashes from your woodstove (or sand, or dirt or kitty litter.....) in front of the "drive" tires for traction.
    Or..... let it sit there 'til spring.
    It shouldn't be THAT long 'til it melts, right?

  2. It's front wheel drive. I tried backing out and trying again several times, BL. The road was clear and dry. I'd get up to the same place and start sliding back down. I didn't think of ashes, because I'd already cleaned out the kitchen stove Saturday evening when I started the weekend fire in the living room stove. It looks as though there will be significant thawing by Friday, though. I'm sitting here watching the snow come down right now, grateful I don't have to go anywhere until tomorrow, and hoping I can get the Jeep over to the neighbor's drive every day this week without damaging the grass too much.

  3. Oh dear! Hopefully it will all work out for you. The weather is so temperamental.

  4. That darn ice can be so damaging! There's no need for embarrassment as it could happen to the best of us. At least you made a few attempts at it. I'm sure that it will melt soon and you'll be able to get out of there. They're calling for freezing rain here tonight which can really make for treacherous driving, and we have to go to town tomorrow. I'm hoping conditions won't be too bad because we have to head out fairly early in the morning.

  5. Well, that's too bad...there's little worse than getting stuck in snow/ice when it's freezing cold outside. Sure hope your weather warms up enough to get you "unstuck". BTW, I followed your link from Bag Lady's blog :-)

  6. I forgot to tell you that I think it's just terrific that you've moved into a solar designed house and I'm looking forward to reading all about it.

  7. Redbush, freezing rain is sooo dangerous. Snow is much better. This morning I left for work and the snow had drifted so much I couldn't see the driveway at all. Fortunately I've driven back here a lot when there was no driveway before we started building the house and I think I followed it fairly well, but when I came home tonight I could see the wheel ruts were more than ten inches in some places. When I got out to the main road it was cleared, but there'd been an additional six inches since I got the car stuck.

    CherylK, I follow your link from Bag Lady's when I have time. (I limit how many blogs I read so I can actually get other things done!) The solar aspect of the house isn't working well this winter--I haven't seen the sun in days. But when there is full sun, the heat doesn't run at all, and when there's just a little sun, it keeps the heat from running in the middle of the day.