Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snow day

I got the call I expected early this morning, saying that we would be closed. I've spent the day doing none of the extremely urgent things that needed doing, just reading and looking out the window. As predicted, it got several degrees above freezing this morning while the snow fell, but I watched the snow on the steps and railings build up as the snow came down faster than it could melt.

The camera lies. There was more than that.

No, thicker than that.

Yes, flakes really that big.
Coming down that fast, too.

Since the forecast is for temperatures below freezing for the next three days I suppose it will stay. I ought to go up to the road and see if the mail got through, and how the roads are likely to look tomorrow morning, but the fire's so warm.


  1. That definitely looks like "stay home by the fire" weather!
    (my word verification was coldrac!)

  2. We're--in the words of the one who called me--"trying to open" this morning. I'm being a lazy slacker and waiting for daylight before I try to drive out to the main road and see whether it's passable.

    I love the way word verification Know All.