Monday, March 1, 2010

a feeling of accomplishment

I've been trying for several days to upload some pictures, but my satellite connection has been so slow and so unreliable that even email has been chancy. Somehow it knows what I want: when I try to load blogger to read other blogs, I sometimes get through, but if I'm even thinking about blogging the photos I get "cannot establish a secure connection to the server."

This is an all text post. Heh heh heh. Sneaky me.

So blogging was only one of many things I meant to do on my day off, but I didn't get many of the others done, either. I did two loads of laundry (sorry, Bag Lady), and brought in wood, and filled all the bird feeders, but mostly I sat by the fire and read, and watched birds, from turkeys down to chickadees. I'm finding that just keeping the fire going nicely all day, so the main rooms are ten degrees warmer than they would be on a cloudy day otherwise, feels as though I marked a big check mark on my list.


  1. Perhaps I could FedEx my dirty clothes to you....... :)

    Stoking the fire and reading sounds like a perfect way to spend time! One of these days, I just may take time to do that, too!

  2. Your fire sounds inviting! I can relate as far as the blogging thing goes. Sometimes it takes me forever to find the pictures and then another forever to load them. With my new computer now, it seems a lot better. Touch wood! Enjoy your reading and relaxing time!

  3. BL, I would prefer UPS since the FedEx driver spins his wheels in the gravel near the house.
    You can combine sitting by the fire and working on your curating duties now that you have a laptop!

    Redbush, I have no trouble finding the pictures (wearing my librarian hat) but although my satellite internet is supposed to be a lot faster than my old dial-up its speed is pretty weather dependent.