Monday, March 29, 2010

more turkeys

This time they were far enough from the house that I could stand right at the window and not spook them. The sound of the zoom lens didn't carry to them more than a hundred feet away, either.

I don't know (I never do) what they were finding to eat out there.

They were in a hurry, though. Down the hill and out of sight in less than a minute.


  1. A whole flock of turkeys at one lucky! great shots!

  2. It's surprising how fast those things can move!

  3. Cool! Glad you got some good photos of them.

  4. CherylK, I'm on more than forty acres, surrounded by farms and timberland. That was a small flock. I have seen more than twenty-five together.

    Sagan, after all, they've survived a lot of predators over the centuries. Not by hanging around to be caught. : )

    BL, late this afternoon I was so sorry I didn't have a video camera with a good zoom. There was one lone tom feeding not far from the house, and the dog was in the kitchen where the windows are full length. Stony started barking his Big! Dog! Bark! and the turkey looked up. Bark! The tom stared at the house indignantly, but that Noisy Dog wouldn't stop interrupting his peaceful supper. He didn't hurry at all--he was well aware the dog wasn't coming out--and stalked slowly off into the woods, stopping to look back and glare.

  5. We're singing a song called Black Thanksgiving Turkey in our next NY Virtuoso Singers concert!!! It's to a poem by Richard Wilbur and it is really really strange and perfect.

    How great that you have grass and dirt and animals all around you all the time. I miss that...