Monday, March 22, 2010

still giggling

My friend-the-doctor bought some specialty coffee when she was in Louisville visiting her mother, but didn't have time to come all the way out here and bring it to me. She mailed it after she got back to Ohio, and she included a few things to fill up the box:

The box in front is a glucose meter. ("Everyone should check their blood glucose from time to time. It's a freebie," she said when I asked "????") The jar with the blue lid is full of honey from her husband's bees.

The combination just won't let my funny bone rest.


  1. That is amusing. She's covering her bases. :)

  2. Ha! I like your sense of the ridiculous!

  3. That's awesome. Gotta have balance, hehe.

  4. Yes, I can see why you're giggling! All grounds are covered for sure! Ha!