Saturday, November 6, 2010

after the rain

There was some rain last week, although not nearly enough to catch us up. Some of the plants got confused and thought spring was here again. I cut this yarrow, complete with leaves, and brought it in to enjoy.

You might be able to see the delicate ferny leaves in this one.

Yarrow usually quits blooming here by early July, so this is a treat. It bloomed after the first patchy frost which must have missed it.


  1. Can't say I've ever seen yarrow.. thanks for that.

  2. Glad to hear you finally got some rain - even if it wasn't much!
    I don't blame the yarrow for being a little confused, considering how dry it's been in your area!

  3. The ferny basal rosettes are showing up all over the "pasture." (I can't decide what to call the clear area south of the house. It used to be pasture...I'd like for it to be again some day.) Such optimism from two-tenths of an inch of rain.

    The pitcher was my grandmother's. Mostly, anything pink and green with roses on it was hers.

  4. I planted a different kind of yarrow that is supposed to come up every year. Because it was near the house with little rain, one of them died out, and I'm afraid the other one won't survive either.

  5. Wait and see, Redbush, wait and see. Yarrow's really tough, and it's supposed to like dry conditions, so it's likelier to survive drought than flood.