Tuesday, November 9, 2010

future fence posts

How far into the future I can't say.

Now that the lumber company has cut all the cedar they wanted, what they left behind will be more than enough for the dog yard I want to build. I can probably fence in an acre or two of pasture when I get around to it. All I have to do is collect all the leftover pieces. From all over forty acres. In my spare time.

I love the color of cedar, as well as its weather resistance. I should say colors:


  1. Ahhh... good fencing! A dog lovers best friend!

  2. Ooh that's gorgeous!

    It makes me want to go hiking.

  3. I plan to burn some of the short pieces in the stove, and risk grotting up my chimney, just for the smell.
    Sagan, I am so lucky to have forty acres of woods to walk in right outside my door. Just for variety, there's a park with walking trails and horse trails not far away, but I hardly ever get there.

  4. I love cedar! It's so pretty, and smells so nice and.... (can you hear the jealousy here?) we don't have it growing here.