Saturday, November 13, 2010

hunting for fall color

I almost let the light escape before I got up from my cozy stove and took the camera outdoors. There's not much color left but green and brown.

And blue, of course.

I found red in various shades. (Ah, the mysteries of computer graphics. The middle picture looks too dark to be red in blogger preview, almost black. In my photo-editing software, as well as real life, it looks quite bright.)

And most of all, gold.

I seldom look at this tree from this angle. It's my balcony tree, the one that shades me when I drink coffee outdoors in summer, and that provides the birds and squirrels a stage on which to perform for me. Looking at the Whole Tree is a different experience.


  1. That tree is a beauty. No doubt it does house and provide much critter entertainment for you. Such a lovely setting you have.

  2. I find fall such a lovely compliment of so many different colors. Lovely shot of the tree and the vegetation!

  3. I have never had a better place to watch fall than this house. Fall is certainly all color change all the time.

  4. Your balcony tree is a beauty! I love fall colours, except for the fact that they herald the arrival of winter drab. Sigh.