Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's supposed to be like this:

Not like this:

Occasionally, the wind has blown it up and over and down the pole, but not this time. The wind last night and this morning was much too tame. I think I know what furry vandal did it so he could reach the goodies.

In the middle of the morning my dog went crazy, barking and bouncing off the window, and I looked out to see a possum slowly departing from that direction, but I didn't see the state of the the feeder until afternoon.

He looked rather like this only going downhill instead of up.

The raccoons already think they own this place day and night. I don't need a nocturnal animal invading the daytime as well.


  1. Aww but they need to eat too. I'm not opposed to opossum. ;)

  2. Opossums are not opposed to us, either; they see us as opportune. We share opposable thumbs, after all.