Friday, January 7, 2011

horse sense?

(A photo-less Friday.)
On my way home from Lexington from my allergy appointment I came upon a horse and rider going down the road--the middle of the road--ahead of me and the car ahead of me. It was a two lane road, but just outside of a town, and far from untravelled. The rider tried to get the horse onto the grass beside the road, but when he pulled the horse's head towards the edge, the horse's body and legs leaned the other way. Eventually they did get off the road, but there was some crow-hopping involved. The car ahead of me and I both passed very slowly, not accelerating until we were well past, not wanting to give the horse any excuse to spook. Apparently this horse believes that grass is for eating, not for walking on.


  1. Smart horse. Roads are for walking, grass is for eating. Simple logic.

  2. Opinionated horse. Maladapted to the 21C horse! (Excellently shod with very good feet horse?)

  3. lol, the rider is just lucky that most people on that road would know horses themselves and be patient.