Sunday, January 9, 2011

scattering of snow

I get so tired of cold weather, and snow makes driving 34 miles to work even more trouble than it usually is, but I keep taking pictures of it, because it's too beautiful to not enjoy.

I did get some dry wood indoors before this began to collect.

It was my favorite foxtails that drew me outdoors with the camera, though.

My yard is full of foxtails, an atrocious weed, because I love them too much to cut them all down.

And I take far too many pictures of them.

The foxtails got me to take the camera outdoors, though, instead of taking pictures through the window of these trees collecting snow.


  1. Pretty pictures of your dusting of snow. I should take some pictures of our snow (we just had a huge snowstorm) for you.

  2. That was just the beginning. We got about two inches accumulation, which I spent yesterday looking out at. The sun managed to melt a lot of it, even though it stayed below freezing all day, and if it weren't supposed to start again this afternoon I would take the car to work instead of the jeep.

  3. Lovely foxtail photos! Every time I think of the foxtails we have here, though, I have to cringe. My last wire-hair fox terrier swallowed a piece of one. The outside of his throat started to develop a noticeably swollen look until it was about the size of a plum six months later. When we took him into the vet, he said that it was the foxtail because each piece is like a fish hook, and he couldn't get rid of it. The vet had to lance and drain the bulge. Sorry! I still think they are a beautiful plant, but, seeing as dogs chow down on plant material, I now get rid of any foxtails that I see in my yard.

  4. Coming back to say I don't think these foxtails are the same as the ones out west that do such damage to dogs (and livestock.) People I know in California who've lived east of the Mississippi say not, anyway.