Saturday, November 10, 2012

found at last

Glorious day! I found my favorite coffee pot, though not until I'd taken these pictures. The backup coffee pot is retired to the basement with my gratitude for its availability in a time of crisis.

I have coffee mugs! I much prefer to hold ceramic in my hands as the mornings grow colder to the plastic thermos cups I've been using.

And I have a few plates. Very few, and along with the coffee pot I found a few bowls, but I can stop eating out of tupperware after two and a half months.

I emptied two dish barrels in two days. Most of the contents were fine china that I don't want to use every day, especially since I'm going to try using a dishwasher for the first time since I lived with my parents, but it's progress.


  1. Yay for dishes! Eating out of tupperware gets old after awhile.
    I agree with you about coffee out of ceramic mugs rather than the insulated ones. It's nice to be able to warm your hands on the cup!

  2. Although the thermos cup I was using has an interesting warming history: I bought it at a horse show which was held at a venue that doesn't allow vendors from outside to sell food/beverages (the Kentucky Horse Park.) The arena was so new it wasn't quite finished. So new that there were no food vendors. Technically it's indoor, but it's more like "covered" and this October was unexpectedly very cold. The heat was also new and not working terribly well, and spectators clustered under the heating units that were working. A local specialty coffee shop got around the regulation by selling the cups and filling them for free all night, winning themselves considerable good will by doing so. I had coffee the first time, but I switched to hot chocolate after that, and found it even more warming from the inside out.

  3. Nice to be able to stop using the tupperware, but, go ahead and use the fine china though, it was made to be used. Interesting about the thermos cup.

  4. Oh, I do use the fine china, but not every day. I especially didn't want to use it in the kitchen with the dog, which is the only place cleared out enough to eat so far. I'm too tired at meals to handle it with care.
    One of the things about the lack of space in this house is that I will have to go down to the basement and get some of it, and wash it, in order to use it. At the old house it was all on the main floor, and I could just decide "I'm going to eat from the Montméry today" and get some out of the cabinet.