Thursday, November 29, 2012

out the bathroom window

If you go back a few years, you can see the view from showers at the old house, and compare its privacy with the bathroom view here.
[The weird blue background came with the link and I can't get rid of it.]

Thanks to privacy glass, absolutely no one can see into my bathroom unless they're standing on my deck (and rather close to the window at that) or have climbed a tree.

Quite a large tree.

I tried to pull back and give some context there, but shooting through a window on a bright sunny day is beyond my camera's capability. Or at least, mine.


  1. Well, as long as you don't have any tree-climbing peeping Toms in your area, it's all good!
    (On the other hand, if they go to that much trouble, give a flash - it's been earned!)

    1. If they go to that much trouble they're probably burglars scoping the house.
      [I see the weird blue background disappeared after I clicked Publish. It was still there in Preview.]

  2. I tend to be completely oblivious about windows and how night time can turn them into brightly lit stages, so have probably inflicted myself in various states of undress to too many innocent passers by over the years. Privacy glass sounds like a great invention!

  3. Thank goodness for privacy glass, I would hate to have the blinds closed all the time when there is a window there. In fact I do hate to have my blinds closed all the time. The only problem with living on the ground floor

  4. Well, the thing about privacy glass is that you can't see out, either, ever. WIth blinds, at least you can have them open sometimes. Of course, this window, facing south without shade, needs blinds to control glare so that you can see indoors.

  5. Good for you! I’ve had my bathroom window replaced by a privacy glass as well. Even though, you are in a good community or living far from other homes, it’s still priceless to feel secure in your own bathroom. It’s almost a sacred place, especially for us, girls. ;)