Saturday, November 24, 2012

turkey for one

Stony, up in the left corner, looks hopeful, but all I gave him was a piece of skin. The rest is mine. Luckily I have a freezer. I worked on Thanksgiving, of course, so I couldn't invite anyone to join me.

See, I do use the fine china, although a holiday probably doesn't count.

I'm not very unpacked, but that's one of two boxes left in the living room. (The new box is something to help store things in the kitchen, if I ever get time to put it together.)

Look at the dangling bits on the candlestick. My grandmother managed to save only seven drops from the hall chandelier in my great-great aunt's house (my grandfather's aunt) when it was torn down after she died. She saved them for years before she found this to add them to. I should have put a candle in it and lit it, because it was so dark at noon that I had to use flash to take these pictures. The living room faces north-east, but I'm still surprised there was so little light on a very sunny day. (See foil around turkey!)


  1. I hope your turkey was delicious!

  2. It is a lovely candlestick. Sadly, there are no such "girly" bits in my own house.

  3. The turkey was and still is delicious. I'm back eating it in the kitchen with the dog, though, who jostles the gate leg table so much that I fear to eat with the "pretties" there.

  4. You are going to be eating turkey all year! I have a gate legged table just like yours. I love the chandelier drops on the candlestick, very wonderful idea.

  5. I will indeed be eating turkey all year, but it will be many more turkeys than this one, which is only eleven pounds, a pitiful undergrown bird by my standards. Turkey is one of my staple foods, just like beef. I'm always shocked by how few meals I get out of a chicken.

    That table in not the gate-legged one; it has a bar to hold the drop leaves up that folds back into the frame. The gate-legged one is the white one in the kitchen.

  6. Now I'm hungry for turkey! (at 7 am)
    Love the chandelier-candlestick!

  7. Turkey for breakfast is excellent. After fixing tomorrow's lunch I'm already halfway through this bird and I haven't even taken the meat off the carcass.

    At Christmas at my parents' we used to put a red candle in the candlestick and put it on one end of the mantel in a bed of evergreens, with a cut glass bowl full of pine cones at the other end.