Thursday, November 22, 2012

useless hooks

I have no idea what the people who put these hooks up used them for, but I can't find a way to use them. I did have my skillets hanging on two of the three, but although they would go on the hooks easily, getting them off again was a struggle, so I'm keeping them in my too-scarce cabinet space.

Hanging the holiday season mugs on them was an impulse of the moment. (I have four, but the fourth one is blue.) I would like to hang something useful there, but these hooks seem designed to be hard to use. Nothing I have tried will fit there except mugs.

Since the window on the right is directly over the stove, something cooking related would be nice. Impossible so far, though. Still, I'm enjoying the mugs against the paint for the time being.


  1. Well the Christmas mugs seem a great solution for the holidays. But weird that there would be hooks that hardly fit anything!

    Pot holders? I got nothin.

  2. My pot holders have magnetic hooks on the side of the stove, and of the microwave. No need to reach up. (Those mugs are above my head.)
    I think the kind of pots that have a ring on the end of the handle would fit those hooks comfortably, but I don't want to hang any of those up. The colander just falls off. No doubt I'll find something.

  3. They look to be above your phone, so maybe they just had a basket or two with note pads and bills - although those are very heavy hooks for that.

  4. The baskets would still be above shoulder height for me, and I believe these people (or at least one of them) to have been very short, based on the height they chose to install the upper cabinets, which are barely twelve inches above the standard height counter. I assume they chose the counter height based on wanting to fit a standard dishwasher under it. (I wish I had a time machine so I could ask them a lot of questions about things they did!)