Thursday, November 13, 2008

another little bit

This afternoon I unpacked boxes while the heating contractor's man diagnosed the bad thermostat. He said they've never had one of that brand go bad before, but it has to be completely replaced, the whole thermostat and not just the sensor. The thing about the passive solar is that even on a cloudy day I couldn't tell that zone was any chillier than the other zones. 
Another "even on a cloudy day" moment: I was washing kitchen things before putting them away, and the sink is not near the windows, and I didn't even think about turning on the light. Here at the old house, the kitchen lights stay on all day, even on sunny days. I'm going to love this.
On my way back here, I had to brake suddenly to avoid the rooster in the middle of the road. The hens were already safely on the other side, investigating the ditch. These are the chickens I've been watching all summer as their pen was moved around their owners' garden. I've noticed a new coop away from the garden. Apparently their winter quarters aren't secure enough!


  1. I am a fan of old houses. I love to think of the sheer history of them. But I have to say, I am feeling a bit envious of your sunny, lovely place. I am so happy for you to be moving into such a haven!

  2. Now I want to cut a sky-light into my roof in my kitchen!
    And I admit, I giggled a little about the "rooster in the road"....was waiting for the "why" part of the joke......apparently, in this circumstance, it was simply a matter of opportunity (and the fact that that's where the chickens were!)

  3. Believe me, Daryl if this old house were out there, instead of half a mile from the court house, just barely outside of town, I wouldn't be tearing it down and replacing it, but spending a whole lot of money insulating it, redesigning its plumbing, and adding solar retrofit. It has so much charm, and several of the rooms just Feel Good, even when you're shivering in the drafts. But I knew when I moved back to Kentucky and bought it that I wouldn't want to live in it forever.

    Bag Lady, I answered "Why did the chickens cross the road" after that incident with "Because there might be something tasty over there." The rooster was slow to follow them, and he looked at my car and thought "Can I beat that thing in a fair fight?" He flapped his wings at me, and then decided to follow the girls on across. : )