Saturday, November 8, 2008

lyrical luscious liver

 At eight tonight one of the men who hunts on the land at the new house knocked on my door with liver from two of them. By nine I had three pounds of liver sliced and in the freezer. Mine, all mine! (Stony had enjoyed the pieces that were all duct and the too-awkward-to-slice bits.)
When I was a child we lived next door to fourteen cats. When my mother cooked liver most of them would gather outside the back door and explain that they were starving and would collapse at any moment if not fed liver, so I was quite surprised to discover that there are people who don't like liver. Poor souls. 


  1. You won't get any competition from me - not a liver fan.
    I promise not to tell the rancher, though, because he'd be like the cats.....

  2. Well, if he comes down here and clings to the screen door with all four limbs and howls, I might take pity on him....

    Mary Anne in Kentucky