Friday, November 21, 2008

more proof of furniture

Not all the furniture is in its final position. Here's my father's bedroom, without the bed yet. The black armchair is one he found beside the road about thirty years ago and had reupholstered for fifty dollars.
Here's the front door. The green cabinet was painted to match my parents' living room (and hall, and family room, and bathroom...I'm just a little tired of that color in large amounts) when my father took the old television out of it--it had been my grandparents' until it couldn't be repaired anymore--and installed shelves to make a sheet music cabinet. 

One lonely armchair in the living room, waiting for a couch and at least two other armchairs to join it. They can't all be next to the stove, can they? It's not fair.

Not very much in my study yet, especially no bookshelves, which can't be moved until I get the books off them. The chair was made by one of my great-grandfathers as a rocking chair, but when my parents got it the rockers had rotted so now it's a straight chair. 

I can't believe how long everything is taking. Today, on my third try, I managed to drill holes for the hooks to hang fifty feet of clothesline in the basement. Using power tools above my head while standing on a ladder is not one of my favorite things.

I also took the dog over and washed him in the new raised tub. He's forgotten what a high velocity dryer sounds like--since I quit working a year ago to stay with my father I've been bathing him at home and towel drying him. For a dog who whines if I don't vacuum him when I use the shop vac in the kitchen, he didn't readjust to the HV dryer very quickly. He never used to mind it. 

There was a little flurry of snow last night, and I got to see the new house with touches of white on the grass (and weeds.)


  1. Oh everything is looking so PRETTY! I envy you the fun of decorating, but do NOT envy you all the moving of books and stuff. Your new home is really stunning. And most of your furniture could move RIGHT into my house and be loved!


  2. I do not intend to move EVER again! So I'm trying not to stress out about the fact that everything is taking at least twice as long as I expect it to.

    You will just have to come visit my furniture someday!

  3. I agree with Daryl - everything looks lovely! And I also envy you the "new" part, but not the moving part. (Had to click on each and every photo and admire the furniture, and the sun pouring in the windows....lovely!)

  4. I can't believe what a history book you have in all of the furnishings of your new home. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is why we needed such a big house for two people. All the furniture has stories attached. We're not moving everything from both houses--just what's useful, beautiful, or interesting, which covers rather a lot.

  6. Ooh this is fabulous! Cool furniture
    and decoration ideas.