Wednesday, November 12, 2008

bits of moving

I really wanted to take today off, but I made myself make one trip. I called the heating contractor about the bad thermostat (I'm not even moved into a new house yet and already there are things to be fixed!) and made an appointment. Another few boxes of papers and a few kitchen things from my father's house. 
It was cloudy all day but it didn't rain much, and until the ground softens up some I can't get the mailbox post in. 


  1. If you are replacing your thermostat anyway, get a digital one! They save a lot of money for a single outlay of funds. ;D

    Looks like youare makign progress....sorry I wasn't here sooner, I have been running around like mad!

  2. It was a digital one--in the new house! The heating contractor said this is the first time in years of using this brand that they've had one go bad. There are five zones, so this was only one.