Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Diversity in the refrigerator

After I voted this afternoon (the polling place is halfway between the old house and the new house, so I took a load of things over) I stopped by the feed store for bird seed. My camera phone takes really bad pictures.

Along with the soda, chips and eggs, you can buy distemper, (something illegible that I can't remember--that's why I took a picture, drat it!), and "7 way dog vaccine" whatever that may be. Yet another reason living in the country makes me smile. 

It took me half an hour to vote this afternoon, although I didn't have to stand in line at all. There were half a dozen people there I needed to talk to.


  1. Hey I did not know you were trained as a librarian can you come organize my house?

  2. 7-way dog vaccine?
    What, no 8-way cattle vaccine?

  3. Chez, just wait for me to finish organizing my own! (When I was in library school I once dreamed I was cataloging everything in the refrigerator in Dewey Decimal. My cataloging teacher was highly amused.)

    Bag Lady, they don't sell any feed for cattle either. Horse feed, dog and cat and chicken and even goat, but nothing for cows. Every time I go in there I get to go sniff the saddles. Mmmm. Fresh leather.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  4. I would be putting in a complaint on behalf of cows everywhere!

    Which would give you an excuse to stop in again and sniff the saddles. Just don't get too wrapped up in it - someone might think you a wee bit strange. (Personally, I totally get where you're coming from - love the smell of leather!)