Monday, November 24, 2008

Er, NOT!

Southern Living December 2008 page 172: "Studies show we only really enjoy the taste of food for the first three bites." 
Veering completely off topic here, but come on. What kind of weird half awake subhumans were they studying? If I'm only eating on auto-pilot why do I go back for seconds and carefully choose exactly the right variety?
I read that after breakfast this morning and twelve hours (and two meals!) later I'm still boggled!


  1. I saw a study like that too and thought the same thing! What horsesh*t!

    I have noticed, when I'm really paying attention, that there is definitely a shift in my ability to fully tastes something incredibly yummy after I've eaten a bunch of it. But it's certainly not after three bites, and it's not like I lose all sense of taste!

    Off topic, but wow, now that I'm back I've gotten a chance to look at the house pictures--things are looking great! And I love that great chair was a roadside find.

  2. After twelve more hours and a few more meals I'm still shaking my head and wondering where they found their test subjects.

    I'm glad you appreciate that chair. When my father saw it lying by the road he thought surely whoever had lost it would come back for it. But when it was still there the next day, he adopted it.

  3. Actually I would say it is true. You go back searching for that 'joy' from the first few bites. Like searching for a first kiss again! I also read that people who are chronically overweight don't get as BIG a shot of 'happy hormone' as those who are thin. So we eat more trying to FILL UP that endorphin high. Sort of like people who are thrill seekers are actually short of adrenaline, so they haev to do MORE dangerous stuff to get the same 'high' we get from someone jumping out of a closet at us. :D

  4. Thinking about this, I wonder if it is true for some people and not others. I know foods continue to taste amazingly good to me for a whole plateful. But it would explain why some people can enjoy eating only a little and be ready to stop--something I could never understand.
    (I'm always thinking up research projects that I don't have the training, or the time, energy, and equipment, to follow through on.)

  5. Must be folks on the 5 Bite Diet :-)