Saturday, January 12, 2013

bookshelves bit by bit

I'm putting together my block-and-board shelves (remember, Kentucky has had one 4.x earthquake in my almost sixty years) slowly, gradually. I'm unboxing the books and just stacking them without trying to sort them yet. I have to move a lot of boxes out of the second floor before there is room to move the furniture around so I can put up shelves there, too. There may be room for all the books, or there may not. Experiment and find out!

The living room has a few shelves on the wall out of frame to the right, but this is the main section.

Here in the office I chose not to cover up the tree completely (I rather like it), so I put some low painted wooden shelves against that wall. At right angles you can see the top of the wall of books along a treeless wall.

What you can see here is about half the file cabinets in this room. Yes, I have archival quantities of paper.


  1. Wow, it's starting to come together nicely. Good for you that you're still plugging away. Can't wait to see pics when you're all done!

  2. Every time I find a place to put something is a high.

  3. Looking good! But I wish you hadn't mentioned earthquakes...

  4. I won't mention tornadoes, then....