Thursday, January 24, 2013

plant stand

I brought up the plant stand my father made for a particular corner in my parents' house and found a corner for it here near the door to the porch. The east-facing porch, and the glass has been treated with fake "etching" (for some much needed privacy, I'm sure) but these aren't plants that need a great deal of light. They've all survived five months on top of the refrigerator in the darkest part of the kitchen.

This plant stand was created during what I think of as my father's Dowel Period, when he made a lot of shelves by drilling holes in plywood to fit dowels through, but this was one of his earliest, when he hadn't quite mastered a method of keeping the shelves from sliding up and down. It's a good thing the plants tend to hide a lot.

I put a basket with pruning shears and gloves on the bottom shelf, even though it looks like the door will light the bottom pretty well.

Here's the corner of the mantel right next to the porch door. (All my wood is on the porch, since I haven't got the stove installed and haven't bought more.)

The planter this plant is in belonged to my grandmother, who is the left-hand lady in the photograph behind it. (The enormous sugar bowl with roses belonged to her much longer than the planter; I keep firestarters in it.)

I must learn not to believe my camera in certain lighting situations, and to trust its stabilization. The first two shots I took handheld at 1/30 at f2.7, before switching to auto so I could use the flash. The color is much more accurate without the flash, and the two repeat shots I took of the plant stand were horribly washed out.


  1. It looks like everything is finding a home in your new home. I know what you mean about the frustrations of cameras.

  2. I'm really enjoying putting your house together without having to do any of the work! Keep it up! :)

  3. Reb, it's far from everything, but it is progress.
    Bag Lady, I really enjoy your cows without having to do any of the work (especially in the cold!) so I'm glad I can repay you. ;)