Tuesday, January 15, 2013

orchids again

The orchids are fighting the wintry weather with panache. I tried to get the Christmas lights strung around the atrium to show up, but you can barely see them if you concentrate.

Then there's the lighted blob which is a Dalmatian in a Santa hat if you're close enough:

But the orchids are having no trouble showing up.

I do love having a piece of warm summer available at work.


  1. Oh those are just lovely. What a day-brightener.

  2. I always go through the atrium on my way from one part of the building to another if I can. It's warm, and it's full of light and beauty.

  3. Those are stunningly gorgeous! I have an orchid that cousin Leah's husband grew from seed and gave to me. It has grown to a height of about a foot twice now, then turned brown and died. It is surprisingly determined, though, because it has started growing again. In admiration of it's tenacity, I have moved it to a spot where I can pay more attention to it in the hopes that it will actually bloom. (I have great success with outdoor plants, but a totally brown thumb with indoor plants.)

  4. The only orchid I've ever had did not like being in a room that was 50F or below when the stove was not going, and 70F or more when it was. It lived three months. I'm no good with flowering indoor plants, but the green succulents do pretty well for me.

  5. Those are all stunning! It must be a joy to be able to see them so regularly.