Tuesday, January 1, 2013

squirrel proof

Both of these feeders are sold as "squirrel proof" and so they have been, for almost fifteen years, in five (more or less?) different houses before this one. Although the dome shaped one was once conquered by a Very Tall Squirrel who could hold onto the center pole with his hind feet, s t r e t c h down across the dome, and reach inside with his front feet to stuff his cheeks.

This guy has simply managed to push the dome up its sliding post and slip underneath, holding it partly up with his body.

I have never hung the tube one where it would have a standing place below it until now. Clinging to its outsides does not seem to give the flexibility needed to reach into the tube through beak shaped openings.

These squirrels are highly motivated and quite fat. Maybe I need to switch the feeders. (The squirrels have already destroyed my third (tube-type) feeder by simply ripping the bottom out of it.)


  1. Hahaha, it looks like they have had plenty of experience with 'squirrel proof' feeders. Great shots.

  2. Squirrels can be quite clever in their quest for food. I have one who frequents my feeders, and is amazingly flexible! Fun to watch his contortions, but the Princess is never amused, and when she spots him, the chase is on.
    So far the count is dog - 0, squirrel - 1,234,567,890.
    Between the bird feeders and the granary, the squirrel is in no danger of starvation. In fact, it's a good thing the dog chases him at every opportunity - otherwise, squirrel would be too fat to climb through the holes he has chewed in the granary!

  3. Hard not to admire the sneaky little devils even as they are eating up all the bird food!

  4. The squirrel in the dome feeder watched me all the time I had the camera, with a determined look. "Is she coming out? Not yet? Then I'm staying."

    Bag Lady, Stony is the first dog I've ever known who is completely indifferent to squirrels. He chases birds passionately, but the squirrels can be raiding the feeders right above his head while he's on the deck and he won't even look up at them.