Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I planned before I even bought the house to hang some shelves on the door to the upstairs and use it as a pantry. I bought this set of shelves back in October, I believe. I know it was taking up space in the living room before Christmas.


So by the middle of January I opened the box and tried to figure out the instructions, which were very brief, and the pictures...lacked detail, shall we say. I did manage to guess how it was supposed to go together, but attaching the hooks that were supposed to go over the door seemed to require three hands to hold the hooks in place while fastening the nut and bolt that held them to the uprights. At last I tried some duct tape and got them together.

They are not hanging parallel because the top of the door is uneven, but attaching the shelves fixed that.

Then I looked in vain for the screw or bolt that was supposed to hold the fastener in place to attach the next two pieces of upright. After going back to the instructions the next day, I realized that the tiny round object in the drawing was actually the rectangular thing that hooked the two pieces of upright end to end. No extra part needed.

So I attached them, only to discover that the door wouldn't close because there wasn't enough clearance between the edge of the bottom step and the door to fit the hanging strip in. I took the bottom pieces off, and screwed the second pieces to the door to stabilize them.

Then I proceeded to add the shelves, and fill them.

Despite the shorter shelves, I was able to fit all the canned goods into them, leaving nothing in the base cabinet just left of the sink except the mixing bowls, flour, sugar, and other baking materials, and room to reach them.

I am delighted, and if they don't fall apart after a month or so, I intend to buy something similar for the bedroom closets.


  1. This is a very clever idea! I love storage solutions such as this, that make use of every nook and cranny.

  2. I'm so very pleased with it. What you see there, in two-thirds of the space I thought I was getting, was completely filling a base cabinet. It looks so much smaller now. Now, to see what I can find of a similar kind to put on the closet doors....

  3. Wow, you are really gettin' the place organized, hooray! I need to hire you for my disaster area... er, um, office.

  4. I salivate at the thought of organizing an office, but it's so difficult long distance!