Monday, December 15, 2008

hearing sleet

The forecast for mixed sleet, snow, and freezing rain kept me busy yesterday and today making sure everything I might need was at the new house--suddenly I remembered all the batteries and my favorite flashlight and the kerosene lamps were still at the old house. I cancelled my father's already rescheduled doctor's appointment in case the freezing rain arrived on schedule (it didn't) and I brought in enough wood for a day for both stoves yesterday before the rain started. I did seven loads of laundry today, instead of my usual pre-storm cooking frenzy, because I'd already cooked a lot, and there were a lot of sheets and blankets that had been moved dirty. Now I'm sitting here listening to the sleet on the windows. It sounds like insects bumping against a lamp.
I still haven't found the camera. Otherwise there would be pictures of the newly moved houseplants looking confused with their leaves pointing the wrong way.


  1. Oooh! I hate it when I get all confused because my leaves are pointing the wrong way.

  2. "The sun is in the wrong place! What happened?"