Saturday, December 20, 2008


12/17/08: approximately 3 PM I get around to printing Christmas cards, or so I think
12/17/08: 7:30 PM I order a new printer
12/18/08: printer ships
12/19/08: printer arrives 5 PM
12/20/08:approximately 3 PM (must be the magic hour) I set up printer
12/20/08: 7:30 PM Christmas cards are printing--should they be called New Years cards now?


  1. I think I'll be sending out New Year's cards this year.... I keep putting it off and putting it off....

  2. I think New Years cards should be the new trend!

  3. Since my card has nothing Christmassy on it--a picture of The House--I'll let people decide for themselves what it is. Christmas card? New Year's card? Moving announcement? Invitation? All of the above?

  4. I've been enjoying perusing your blog, and loved this entry best. Sounds like my life. :)

    By the way, what I wouldn't GIVE to live in a solar-powered home! Congrats!!!

  5. Not totally solar powered yet, although I'm hoping in the future to gradually add some solar cells. My architect built one he started not long after we started this one (which got finished first! no fair!) that was totally off the grid.
    Hang around; soon I'll start posting temperature charts. I've been to busy still moving to do much record keeping so far.