Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I look up from my third cup of coffee and it's snowing. The weather forecast didn't mention any possibility of snow (or any other form of precipitation) an hour and a half ago. (checking--or now, either.) It's pretty to look at, but my plans for the day don't include driving on snowy roads, so I'd better move my "get things done before things close early for New Year's Eve" list even earlier. And the Jeep is parked at the old house--car switching time.


  1. Happy New Year ! Enjoy the white stuff...

  2. It's all gone now, with a temperature just above freezing, but it was interesting driving to town in brilliant sunshine with snow blowing horizontally in front of me. I could see the dark clouds on my right where it must have been coming from.

  3. Sorta like a sun-shower with snow, huh?
    Glad to hear it's gone - hope it didn't screw up your plans too much.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I've been trolling through your blog.... solar house eh? I've always wanted to do that! It sounds fascinating. I'll keep checking in.
    BTW, the tourtiere was SOOOOOO yummy!