Tuesday, December 16, 2008

plants at home

So, the plants looked at me until I took their pictures with the awful phone camera. This bunch have been squished against each other for several years as I put off re-potting them and giving them more room "because we're going to move soon." The plant stand was built by my father years ago out of things he had around.

This one has been hanging over the kitchen sink for nearly ten years. Now, it's still in a kitchen but it can't grab my hair as I wash dishes.
The metal cabinet was left behind in the house my parents bought in 1952, and they took it with them when they built the new house in 1960, to store things in the basement. In the mouse-dominated house I'm moving out of, I begged it from them and put another coat of paint on it. It was pure white when I did that almost ten years ago. Now the wall behind it is pure white (not blue.) It yellowed faster than I would have expected.
The living room plant is large and fierce.
It likes to reach out and grab things. 

But the sun is in the other direction, so I hope it will leave the chair alone.


  1. Girl... your plants are a little scary!

  2. That one plant does indeed look like it's about to eat the chair!

  3. Shades of "Little Shop of Horrors"!

    Having the plants in the house makes it feel much more like home, doesn't it?