Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This morning I went to the new house and got the mattress on my father's bed and made the bed. (The bed is cherry and was made by my great-great-grandfather; my great-grandfather was born and died in it; my grandfather was born in it.)

Here's the foot board and my father's chair with a blanket on it. 

After I did this, I went home (er, back to the old house) and fixed my father's lunch and called the appliance movers. They said "What about tomorrow?" and I said "All right." (Right before Christmas seems not to be a busy moving time!) Now I'm terrified. Tomorrow we and the refrigerator and the dryer go to join the bed and the washer and the freezer and a few other things. 
I hope I remember to take everything that's totally essential. I know I'll be making at least one trip a day to move more things for at least a month. How long will it take me to get the computers and my desk operational in the same place I'm sleeping? 


  1. Hopefully, not too long. I am enjoying your blog too much to have to wait for a long computer move!

  2. Well, the computer is here, but the wireless router is still there, so I'm plugged into the wall. Not a happy situation for a confirmed laptop addict.