Sunday, January 4, 2009

the kitchen functions

[still no camera. still crappy phone pics]

The first time I've made rolls since the move. (I didn't realize I was celebrating the month-versary until I looked at the date here.) I could find everything I needed without trouble, although my cookbooks are in some box somewhere, so the measurements were a little spontaneous. Fortunately, yeast bread can cope with that. This is the first time I've ever had an oven with a light (or at least, one that works) and they're just as good for raising dough in as I've heard.

They are good. I ate five for lunch, and would have eaten more if I could fit them in.


  1. Man those do look good. I would have eaten five too!

    And happy monthiversary!

  2. They do look good! Now I'm hungry. Must go have breakfast.

    Happy monthiversary!

  3. The rolls go in the freezer today, to be thawed in the microwave two by two. (Did they make it into the Ark? Yeast is a beast, isn't it?)

    Now I have to really work at getting the rest of the stuff moved. Starting with the books. And the shelves they're on. Joy.