Friday, January 30, 2009

turkey in the snow

This afternoon I looked out to see a single turkey hen crossing the yard. She walked right up to the foot of the living room steps, five feet from the window, and creaked at me. "You're not a turkey. What are you doing there?" she said, and then wandered down hill and around the side of the house. Of course I didn't have the camera within reach. I'm going to have to start wearing it around my neck all the time.

Later, I saw a whole flock south of the house. This time they were far enough away that I could go get the camera without spooking them, but they were aware of me.


This one heard the zoom motor through the window fifteen feet away and looked around just in time.

Off they go down the hill to the woods. 
I was 


  1. Now why is the song "Turkey in the Straw" running through my head.....??

  2. Because that hen turkey croaked it at me. : )

    "I was"? I was what? I had a lot of trouble getting this to post (three tries) and apparently it didn't all make it in before the door shut. More than a day later I can't retrieve it from my brain.

  3. Glad you found your camera and caught the turkeys! And as to the unfinished "I was..." "I was what?"

    That sort of sums up my mental process these days. I can't imagine what it's going to be like a few decades from now!

  4. Ha! I have always wanted to see a turkey live. Ok, that's also on the 'bucket list'...along with working alongside the Bag Lady on her Ranch. Its really the little things in life u know...

    Great photos :)

  5. I had never seen one before we bought this land. Tracks, yes, but never a live bird. After we bought it but before the building started, I saw a lot. A whole lot. 27 is my highest count, but when I see any I rarely see fewer than ten.

    Maybe I can send some up north to the Bag Lady, so you only have to make one trip. ;-)

  6. Yup - you might have to send some because we don't have any around here. At least, none that I've ever seen. Apparently, there are wild turkeys in Alberta, but I've never seen one.