Wednesday, January 28, 2009

still with electricity

Fifteen minutes ago the freezing rain changed to snow. Big fluffy flakes at the moment. All night I've been listening to ice crashing off the roof, and off trees in the woods, and sometimes a branch thudding down, too. Not walking in the woods today! And with snow on top of the ice, I doubt I'll walk up to the road and see if the mail got through. 
About five there was a brown out, when the answering machine woke me up with its self check noises, and I told myself to get up and make coffee while it was easy, but I didn't. I got up at my regular time and fixed breakfast after resetting the microwave clock, and all is well. 
After it got light I could see that the trees are all bent over farther than they were at dusk yesterday. I've got enough wood in the house for at least one day, but now I'm worried about how I'm going to skate out there and bring more in. With ice on the walk, and ice coating the wood, the answer is One. Piece. at. a. Time. Sloooowly.


  1. Oh my goodness - it sounds like you are having quite a storm! Ice, freezing rain, sleet and snow. Sounds like a really good day to hunker down in front of a fire. How far away is your wood pile? Once you are settled in and organized, you'll have to arrange it so that your wood pile is closer to the door and covered somehow. We built a lean-to on the side of our carport, so I can get to the woodpile without going out into the elements. (Of course, it only took us 10 years to get that accomplished.....)

  2. Be careful!!! Ice is very tricky...

  3. A carport, yes, that's on the list of things to afford, along with a dog fence, and finishing the deck. I will figure out some way to incorporate covered wood storage, because I've had my wood in a shed for ten years (not to mention my car in a carport) and I'm Spoiled. If this were just snow, I could walk down the ramp (no steps to this house, yay!) fill the garden cart with wood, pull it into the house and over the concrete floors to whichever stove I wanted to stack it beside, and then run the cart back to the woodpile fifteen feet from the end of the ramp/walk.
    Right now, though, I have to hold onto the door frame as I pull the dog back inside like a fish, because even with toe nails he doesn't have enough traction to get back up the ramp on his own. The salt is still getting covered up so fast it's not melting anything, even though the temperature is just barely below freezing.
    I'm being extremely grateful that I don't have to go out and chop the ice off a water tank (or worse, the pond, which has steep banks.)

  4. MIssicat, every time weather like this happens (about every other year, I guess) I promise myself I'll buy some Yaktrax. Then it warms up and I'd rather spend the money on books, or plants, or music....

  5. Glad you are being VERY cautious about the ice. But I hope you can get enough firewood to keep warm!

    Thinking warm thoughts and sending them your way...