Saturday, January 10, 2009


First, here's some "birch bark on snow" for Daryl.

This house does have lots and lots of different shades of white in it, but I do have color. As well as the walls in the living room and my father's room, I start the day with color.

Some of my favorite coffee mugs,

and a few more.

No matter what angle I tried I couldn't get a shot where you can read "Adopt a dog" under the little white dog on the dark green mug, which was a fundraiser for the Lexington (KY) Humane Society when I lived there.


  1. I like white. When you have white walls, you can change your accent colours with abandon.

    Love your colorful mugs!

  2. Yes, I do like my color to be portable!

    My architect was asking whether I was sure I wanted only white in my bathroom (and at this time of year it does look rather chilly) in spite of the fact that there are four different whites (paint, tiles, counter laminate, and fixtures) and I looked at him and said "Towels."

  3. LOVE the white on white!~ Remind me to send you a white mug to offset all that blinding COLOR!
    Haaa! Daryl

  4. I'll have to get out the blue-and-white and the black-on-white mugs and see if they'll show up in the phone camera. ; ) And of course there's the white bone china cups in a lovely shape that my great-great-aunt never got around to painting. I tend to save cups and saucers for warmer weather--in the winter I want to hold a warm mug in my hands!