Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(The phone camera is really not up to this.)
This afternoon I looked out and counted twenty-seven turkeys feeding in the field south of the house. Whatever they were eating seemed to be plentiful and tasty. Maybe that, more than the hawks, is why the song birds aren't interested in the feeder.
So I sneaked over to the door, and opened it, which sounds remarkably like a shotgun being cocked, and snapped so quickly my finger was in the way, just as they looked up at the noise, and before they all flew away. If only I could find the camera I wouldn't have to tell you that those little dots are turkeys. 


  1. Well, turkey dots are still cool! But I hope your camera turns up. (And sorry to hear Bag Lady sent her weather down to you!)

  2. I believe you when you say those dots are turkeys! I have taken similar pictures with my camera (and can't even blame the pictures on the camera phone)

    Are you still enjoying my weather? I'm starting to think you sent it back - it's cooled off quite a bit here and feels like January again. ~~sigh~~

  3. MMMM...HMMM...I see trash bags on a hill, personally! LOL How do I know that isn't a flock of beagles?

  4. I've only seen three beagles in this whole neighborhood (plus one Great Pyrenees, something yellow that's always curled up next to the GP--if they weren't in a different place every day I'd have no way of knowing they were alive--and my neighbor's Cairn and Deerhound. Trash bags would have more personality.

    Bag Lady, I believe we've worn your weather out and you'll have to get some more. It got up above freezing today, although it was 9F this morning, and the icicles on the jeep hadn't melted when I got back from the grocery this afternoon.