Saturday, May 23, 2009


The entire contents of my parents' basement--the house lived in for 47 years--minus what I managed to give or throw away over the past several years, is now in MY basement. Waiting for me. Lying in wait for me ?

Looking west.

Looking north.

Looking farther west.

This is my sewing set up. Nothing visible here is sewing related. It's all family papers. I guess I won't be doing any sewing any time soon.


  1. A garage sale can solve this type of problem. Unless, of course, you want to keep it. In that case, you are going to be one busy lady for awhile.

    Love your story about the boxwood a couple of posts back. What a sense of history it gives.

  2. Before there can be a garage sale it has to be sorted through first. Much of it is family stuff that I do want to keep, but it's mixed in with useful things that I don't want, and useless things to be thrown away. My classic example is when (in the main floor of my parents' house) I found the only known copy of a picture of my grandfather as a child. It was in a stack of old newspapers and cancelled checks that also contained one shoe.
    This is why we have such a sense of history--we KEEP things.

  3. Oh, yes - it will all have to be gone through. You never know what else might be hidden in amongst the newpapers and cancelled cheques.

    Then you have to sort out what is the most important, because you simply cannot keep everything.

    Good luck to you!

  4. And I beg to differ with your statement that nothing in the picture of your sewing room is sewing related..... isn't that an ironing board supporting one of those boxes?! :)

  5. The ironing board, yes. And up in the left corner of the window is the iron.
    Naturally, now that my sewing stuff is buried (there are two sewing machines under there) I am having all kinds of sewing ideas....