Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday morning coffee on the balcony

(Can you read the thermometer? 72F~20C)

One of the first things I dug out of the stuff in the basement was the rest of the demitasse set that my grandmother had. (The boxwood grandmother.) I'd had one of the cups and five of the saucers with me for years and years and wondered what had happened to the rest of it. Now I've found it all: eight cups and saucers, the coffee pot, and the cream and sugar. I've only found one lid, and I'm not sure whether it belongs to the pot or the sugar bowl--it doesn't fit either one of them very well. But so far no bugs have drowned in the coffee.

I won't use it often. I prefer my coffee in bigger swallows than that. Today, however, I decided I should celebrate its discovery. With the wonders of modern life, I could keep the rest of the coffee warm in the pot while I drank tiny cups and absorbed the trees.


  1. That's a lovely coffee pot, and I don't blame you in the least for wanting to use it occasionally!

  2. Coffee is one of the greatest pleasures of my life and I try to honor it appropriately.

  3. Ahhhh! You're so lucky to be able to find the coffee pot and cups. It makes me so sad that my mom's china dishes, and cups and saucers burned up when the house burned down. How lovely that you're able to use them to have a sip!

  4. So nice that you found the whole set! It's really beautiful.

    - Sagan

  5. I am LOVING your blog. Thanks so much.

  6. That looks so civilized!

    I drink my coffee out of a starbucks mug, even though I hate advertising for them, because it's a huge 20 oz size. I can fill it half full with milk, still get a lot of coffee in there, and I don't have to go back for a refill.

    But I like the pot and saucer option! Much classier.

  7. Thank you, Daryl! Turn about is fair play.

    Crabby, I sit there beside the refill. The wonders of modern technology allow me to plug my coffee warmer in pretty nearly anywhere I want to be on a Sunday morning.
    (Of course, when I work, I finish the coffee first because if I took it to work it would get full of dog hair. Even with a lid on.)