Saturday, May 30, 2009

emerging from the basement

I found the last lid to the demitasse set. It fits the sugar bowl perfectly, so the lid that doesn't fit must belong to the pot.

Some of my grandmother's cake plates.

These two pitchers were given her by different people--I don't remember who--but a good rule of thumb is that if it's pink and green and has roses on it, it must be hers.


  1. (So, why did blogger randomly change the font size? I didn't do it!)

  2. I have no idea why Blogger does ANYthing!

    Lovely china. Which grandmother is this? Your father's mother? What year was she born? Because your father has lived to such a fine age, I'm wondering just how old some of your grandmother's things are!

  3. My father's. She was born in 1888, and she and my grandfather got married in 1907. Some of her things are wedding presents, but others--like the demitasse set--are from after WW II. Her friends tended to give her sugar bowls and cream pitchers as presents throughout her life, because they all put a lot of sugar in their tea and coffee, and lots of them used cream. (I should measure the Big sugar bowl. It looks at a glance as though it can hold at least a pint.)

  4. I love the china, Solarity! My husband's great-great-great uncle was the governor of St. Helena when Nepolean Bonapart was there. The sister-in-law confiscated the sugar bowl and cream bowl from an uncle who inherited. She now has all kinds of junk piled on top of it, so, it isn't even kept as a cherished, respected, or valued antique. It makes us angry, but, what can you do. We would have taken much better care of it, and displayed in a respected and appreciated fashion! Relatives! Drat!

  5. Sighs- beautiful.

    - Sagan

  6. Your grandmother had great taste!