Wednesday, May 20, 2009

once and future hay

This looked more like hay last year.

Do horses like yarrow? and is it good for them?

I love daisies, though.

I hope somebody can be persuaded to cut this stuff for hay, even if nobody can be persuaded to eat it. Last year it wasn't full of flowers like this. Because of the rain, maybe? Last year the man who grows tobacco in the field next to my driveway, between the road and my horsy neighbor, cut my cute two bales as well as some of hers, and let her have it. I wanted something to eat it, after all. I know if it isn't cut the flowers will only get worse.


  1. I had a brother-in-law once who was an architect and he used to wander around the farm in KY picking yarrow and would break off the tops of it and spray paint it and use it for trees in his little architectural models. That's what I think of whenever I see it!

  2. Yarrow has some wonderful medicinal properties, but too much leads to sun sensitivity, IIRC.

  3. Holy crap.... our grass in the pasture is only an inch high! Oh, wait, that might be because the cows are standing over it, waiting for it to get long enough to eat, and as soon as it does, they do. They are so tired of eating hay.

    Love the daisies!

  4. Mr. Ware's three sons all live on this road. (He lives about three miles away.) They've cut all their hay.... Could I be next?