Tuesday, May 5, 2009

greener fatter leaves

The trees keep leafing out. It keeps raining. My broccoli plants are standing in little ponds, but so far their roots haven't suffocated. My second sowing of spinach didn't come up, just like the first one. The poor little seeds probably drowned.


  1. Please send your excess rain here.

  2. Ditto on what Leah said! It's been quite dry here and we badly need the rain. I'm so envious of your lush green growth, and oh to grow broccoli! Yum! I wish it would grow for me!

  3. Beautiful beautiful green!!!

    It's been raining/drizzling here forever and no end in sight. We're all getting mushrooms growing on us...

  4. I wish I could send you some rain, but I'm probably going to need it later. Unfortunately, the pond leaks.
    We'll see whether the broccoli is growing for me or for the deer. The rain must be washing away all the dog scent. I walk the dog around the garden every few days, except that now we'd both sink into the mud.

  5. Crap - I left a comment here the other day - but my computer crashed (again!) and it must not have "taken"... Let's see what happens this time.
    It rained here overnight. Washed a little dust off things and there are tiny puddles in the driveway. Still no leaves, but the grass is looking greener!
    Try hanging dryer sheets (Bounce) around your garden - it worked to keep the deer out of mine last year!