Saturday, May 9, 2009

a bit damp around here

Now if only my garden would sprout!


  1. Goodness! Is your garden drowning?

    It's quite dry here. But there is moisture in the forecast - in the form of snow!

  2. I'm thinking I'll trade your damp weather for our cold snowy day! I wish my garden could be planted, never mind sprouting already! Some of my bulbs are now up about 2 inches, but, that's it. I plan on doing a lot of my planting next week. The plants would be utterin a "BRRRRRRR!" with our zero degree temperatures in the next few days, so, I'll refrain from buying my bedding plants yet!

  3. We haven't had any rain for two whole days now, so if I can just talk to my neighbor soon, I may be able to have the hay cut more or less on time. It was so thrilling last year to see the first two bales of hay that were ever my very own that I want to repeat that. This year we might get three!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky