Saturday, April 17, 2010


It rained last night. Only two-tenths of an inch, but it was enough to soften the ground up somewhat, so that it was almost easy to dig, and to wash the pollen out of the air, so that I almost felt like digging. So the broccoli plants I bought more than a week ago are finally in the ground.

Such tiny plants at this point. Here's an oak leaf beside one.

Now we get to find out whether I planted them close enough to the house to keep the deer away. I haven't seen tracks that close, but there hasn't been anything growing in that spot that wasn't also growing farther from the house. Will broccoli tempt them closer?

I bought nine plants, that being the smallest pack available. There's only one of me. I like broccoli a lot, but can I eat that much? I hope I can find a gasket for my forty-year-old freezer soon.


  1. Yum!
    It's too early for bedding plants here yet, but I bought a lot of seeds on Friday, and am looking forward to getting the garden worked up and planted next month!
    Although, our weather this weekend has been very warm and summery, it could turn very cold and nasty before summer actually arrives!

  2. They do look very tiny and defenseless when you first plant them out, don't they. One ravenous snail could decimate them, let alone a deer.