Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday morning coffee looking down hill

There was no frost Sunday morning, but the thermometer showed only a few degrees above freezing, so I started the morning with a fire. However, before I finished my second pot of coffee it warmed up a lot, so I went out on the deck to drink it. The view from there is a bit different from my balcony, my favorite outdoor morning spot, and I saw things I'd never noticed before.

Here you see a dogwood which is hidden when you're on the ground on this side of the house. I don't spend much time on this deck, and when I do, I'm hanging out laundry on my 16 feet above the ground pulley system, so I'm not paying attention to the woods.

More dogwood showing through the other trees, and down on the left side a touch of redbud.

And there are more hints of pink behind the bigger, taller trees.

I knew that hickory trees must have flowers to produce nuts, but never before have I been in a position to look down on the flowers.

On the forest floor--paradoxically higher up the hill than the tops of those dogwoods and redbuds--there's plenty of woodland phlox.

Then I went back indoors away from pollen.


  1. Isn't it amazing what a different perspective can reveal?
    Love the hickory blossoms, and the phlox. And am slightly envious of all your green! The leaves on our trees look like they are almost ready to pop, and I can hardly wait!

  2. Stupid pollen spoils everything! But glad you got such great shots. I'm with bag lady; we're still too early for green and it's great to get a sneak preview.

  3. Glad I get to make you all jealous.

  4. Love the gorgeous flowers of the hickory! I hear you when it comes to pollen. My nose drives me crazy and I'm constantly rubbing it and sneezing! People probably think I'm sniffing something else. Ha! Right now our weather almost resembles yours. We've been very lucky of late.

  5. Lovely way to start a Sunday morning. There is nothing like a change of perspective.