Thursday, April 15, 2010

springing up

I sighed with relief this afternoon when I came home to find the lilies of the valley had made their way up from below. They were so late I was worried that they might not have survived the winter after I moved them here last summer.  But here they are. There was nothing showing this morning at dawn, so they must have worked hard all day.

The hostas had poked their noses up a few days ago, before I really began to fear that something was killing all the plants in that corner.

They were kind enough to stand in the light for me.

Now I have to hope that turkeys don't like hosta as much as deer do. The deer don't ever leave foot prints this close to the house, but the snow showed that the turkeys come right up within a couple of feet of the walls.


  1. Boy, do they ever look good...I just love to see the new life as it pokes through the earth. You are right...they must have been working very hard all day.

  2. I'm still waiting to see anything peek up through the ground here, Solarity. Lovely hostas. I can't imagine what damage the turkeys could do. We have deer, but don't experience as much problem with them bothering the plants as others do here.

  3. The first few plants in the Spring always give me a lift. I have a little patch of crocus that pop up in late winter/early spring that I wait for anxiously each year.

    No deer in my garden - luckily, because husband has gone deer hunting this morning!

  4. Now I have to go outside and check to see if my lily-of-the-valley is up yet! Yesterday I noticed some of the delphiniums are up (as are a lot of the dandelions and a whole bunch of crab-grass..... sigh)