Saturday, April 24, 2010

a good year for corn

Here is a (bad phone camera) picture of what is torturing me at present.

This is where I park at work. There is a whole row of honey locust along the edge of the parking.

The saying around here is that if the locust bloom is heavy there'll be a good corn crop, and it seems to be true. Whatever conditions produce lots of flowers on the locusts in April (or sometimes May) will also be good for the corn all summer. When I've noticed (and since I got allergic to locust pollen I've noticed often) there has indeed been a correlation.


  1. You MUST keep us updated on if the year IS good for corn....

  2. I agree with Daryl - keep us informed!

  3. It won't be easy--none of my neighbors grow corn. Cattle and hay, and a few stubborn tobacco hold-outs. (Farmers around here used to grow a lot of corn, but now that grass-finished beef is saleable, not so much.)

  4. Here's to a great corn crop, Solarity. We've tried to grow corn, but, it never ends up producing. I envy you to have that fresh corn on the cob!