Thursday, April 22, 2010

redbud and dogwood

The redbud is almost over, and the dogwood at its peak.

Here is the redbud more than two weeks ago, in bud:

Here's the dogwood two weeks ago, with some redbud in the background:

Now a little less than a week ago (I'm late getting this done!):

The redbud at its best:

Fully appreciated by insects:

Now that the locusts are blooming I'll be too busy staying out of the pollen to take pictures outside, but at least I can look out the windows.

UPDATE: why did my title disappear when it posted? The ways of blogger are strange.


  1. The redbud are gorgeous! Do they produce a berry after the blossoms die?
    And yes, the ways of Blogger are very strange.

  2. They produce long flat seed pods--totally unlike the shape of the flower clusters--that birds and squirrels seem to like. I'll take pictures later.