Sunday, April 26, 2009


More sunshine and flowers. Dogwoods are the most graceful tree I've ever seen. It is impossible to take a bad photograph of one--clichéd, yes, bad, no. 


  1. Very pretty. We're quite a ways from flowers yet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely photos! And nothing cliched about them!

  3. Dogwoods are gorgeous trees. I'll have to try growing one. You're lucky to have them growing and blooming already. I'm envious of the shorts weather as well!

  4. I love to see dogwoods growing wild out in the forests!!

    I do love the red ones in front of St. Ignatius Loyola too, though. They're blooming now.

    We missed spring altogether--it just went straight from cold-and-awful into summer...:-( And the poor dogwoods don't know what to think...

  5. These were pretty confused. We had dogwood winter, and they popped their buds open, and then it went up to 80F and they spent a few days going "Huh-WHAT?" before they opened all the way.

    We appear to be having summer, but I don't trust it enough to put out any tomato plants before mid-May.